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No More Migraines

“Around the time I was 4, I started complaining to my parents that my head hurt. I literally couldn’t function, the pain would get so bad. I remember my vision becoming blurry and my hands going numb. After a few months of chiropractic adjustments, I was going 3 or 4 weeks without a migraine. Now, I have a migraine once or twice a year and it’s much milder than ever before.”

No Seizures, No Drugs

My symptoms began in Feb. 2002. My right side was affected, loss of mobility (I was in wheelchair). I had full body spasms, pain, facial shifting, and I was constantly cold, especially in my lower extremities. I had many other symptoms…too many to mention. In fact, I was almost in a coma. I was dying!

A friend referred me to Dr. Smith’s office. Now, I have not been on any drugs for four years, I use a walker or cane occasionally, usually when I’ve overdone it or haven’t had enough rest. I have gone from seeing Dr. Smith 5 – 7 days per week to once a week!

Sciatica Completely Cured

I had a sciatic nerve problem probably caused by poor sitting posture for long periods of time. I was in constant, intense pain.

As a last resort, I came to see Dr. Smith. I had an almost immediate transformation — from almost total incapacitation to total health. Many thanks!!

Now I Can Move My Arm

I came to see Dr. Smith in November, 2010. My left shoulder and left hand had extreme pain for ten years.I couldn’t move my arm at all. I had to stop working and I couldn’t provide for my family.

After my first Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment I felt relief for the first time in ten years. Now I can move my arm and use it to work.

I thank God and Dr. Smith!

Stomach Pain Gone

I had severe abdominal pain that began 28 years ago. I thought it was an ulcer but Dr. Smith discovered neck and spine injuries which occurred at least 28 years ago. The treatment I went under was radical surgery, which I had but it didn’t help.

My results with Dr. Smith have been miraculous! I have no abdominal pain. I no longer need drug therapy. Other problems are being solved. After many years of a restrictive diet I am finally able to enjoy salads, some vegetables a little meat. It’s wonderful.

Infertility Issues Gone

I was not menstruating. It began when I was 19 and it has lasted for five years

The medical doctors told me I would need fertility drugs to have children.

My results with Dr. Smith have been amazing. I now have two beautiful children, conceived naturally and drug-free.

No More Back Pain

I had back pain caused by sitting for my job. It was painful to get though the day. I was treated by the Back Institute with exercises. They reduced the pain but didn’t take it away completely.

The best results I’ve had have been in the last few weeks with the knee/chest adjustment — I didn’t realize there was so much pain in my shoulders until it was gone after this treatment.

No More Headaches

I had been suffering with migraines for years and was taking painkillers. I would get them almost weekly or a few times a month. I would have to take a pain killer, put a cold cloth on my forehead and lie down in a dark room. I saw my family doctor and a couple of Chiropractors but there was little improvement. I now know that I had a band-aid (pain killers) masking the true issues.

My results with Dr. Smith have been excellent! I am no longer on the pain killers and the migraines have drastically decreased to only a few per year. I also got to learn about subluxation, what it is and what causes it. I had never heard any of this before or seen it. It truly opened my eyes.

Myself and my two sons now come weekly. Dr. Smith is improving our lives. Thank you for everything!

I Can Run Again

It began as a gradual onset of pain around September, 2009 and was getting worse over time. I had seen a physician, two different Chiropractors and a physiotherapist with little results. Discouraged with the waste of time and money, I stopped going.

A friend who was seeing Dr. Smith highly recommended him and I started care in January, 2011. After only 2 adjustments, I felt a dramatic improvement in my hip. I could move where I couldn’t move before. I couldn’t wait till my next appointment to tell Dr. Smith how good I felt. I continue to build upon my healing with each new adjustment.

I am very happy with my progress. I thank God for leading me to Dr. Smith!

I Have My Life Back

I had chronic headaches with no relief, a backache and I couldn’t turn my head to the right without pain. I also lived with scoliosis.

I went to another Chiropractor that did not treat subluxation and physicians only prescribed pain killers. I had no results.

Friends referred me to Dr. Smith. He was initially able to change my shoulders and breast bone which were one inch out of line. After that, a few years later he discovered I had a hemi-vertebrae which caused the scoliosis.

I am now pain free and have my life back! I try to refer everyone I know for care. Thank God for Dr. Smith!

Off All Drugs

I began care with Dr. Smith in 1998 because I had dizziness, blind spells, a sore back, headaches, migraines and vision problems. Friends referred me to Dr. Smith. Now, I am off all medications. I haven’t even taken a Tylenol since.

Nothing Else Worked

I had chronic neck and back pain for twenty years and ocular migraines for ten years. I tried physiotherapy and massage therapy with no resolution, even with regular treatment.

Dr. Mitchell referred me to Dr. Smith. Now my neck adjustments hold longer and better. I have had no ocular migraines for approximately one year. I have a better ability to concentrate and I sleep better.

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